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Things to do in London for Couples

Planning to take a loved one somewhere special for the weekend? London caters to all interests, from immersive cocktail bars to comedy clubs. Welcome to Stayo’s top list of unique experiences for couples in London, perfect for a memorable couple’s trip away.


The Chelsea Funhouse

“Love goes through the stomach”, so how about an immersive cocktail experience in the romantic atmosphere of a Renaissance Revival building on the King’s Road? The Chelsea Funhouse is spread over three eclectic floors and serves wine, cocktails, and creative cuisine. After cocktails on the first floor, head upstairs to the around-the-world themed restaurant and try the four-course tasting menu for some beautifully presented dishes. Finish the night on the third floor at Chelsea Black, London’s Espresso Martini Bar.

London Shell Co.

If floating cuisine is more your thing, enjoy dinner for two on a boat on the historic Regent’s Canal. London Shell Co. offers two different boat restaurants in Paddington, serving up the finest British seafood in the most enchanting setting. Aboard The Prince Regent restaurant and cruise down the canal or hop on their static boat, The Grand Duchess. These are fish restaurants like no other that make for an unforgettable experience.

The Backyard Comedy Club

If you and your partner are seeking some evening entertainment, then look no further than The Backyard Comedy Club. The club has been known as the home of comedy in East London for 20 years and is one of the best comedy nights for couples. Enjoy an evening of cabaret acts and stand-up from big TV names to the best upcoming talent every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The club houses its own bar with pizzas and pub games, perfect for two.

The Murdér Express

Fine dining with your partner is one thing; treating them to an immersive fine dining experience is another. Travel back in time on The Murdér Express and enjoy a 4-course meal cooked by a Masterchef finalist inside a 19th century train carriage. Enjoy lavish cocktails and dine in the glamour of the 1800s. Expect some interesting character appearances on your journey and an evening of drama and scandal. Destination: Murdér, France.

The Magic Hour

Amaze your loved one at The Magic Hour in Mayfair. Enjoy live magic in the style of the Victorian Masters of deception in a luxury London parlour. This award-winning show allows you to get right up close to the magic, and you can even take part in some mystifying mind reading that is sure to leave you stunned. This sell-out, 5-star review experience is an intimate, immersive evening of magic that is not to be missed.

PopUp Painting

Unleash your inner artist and paint to impress at PopUp Painting in Holborn. With a glass in hand, you and your date may let your inner artist out. The London Art Bar has a range of wines, cocktails, coffee, and cakes which you can enjoy whilst painting. No experience is needed, and the event offers free guidance from the resident artist. Enjoy a fun and creative afternoon, taking your masterpiece and maybe even some new artistic skills home with you.